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“Rochelle has the incredible gift of being able to truly heal your soul as well as your physical body. I watched her as she gave 110% focus and magic to twenty women, one by one, and each came away transformed in some way. I was skeptical, but when it was my turn, I sat before Rochelle and she instantly tuned in to me and my energy. It was an amazing experience. She told me things about me that even I didn’t know, and taught me about my Truth and how to connect to my inner power. I came away energized and focused and ready to go after my dreams on a whole new level. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
Barbara Niven—Actress, Speaker, Performance Coach

“Rochelle brings a unique combination of skills, knowledge and incredible, generous selflessness to her practice. As a skeptical New Yorker, I always kind of look sideways when it come to many forms of alternative medicine and their efficacy. Knowing that Rochelle’s recommendations are grounded in “traditional” medicine reassured me that her recommendations are safe and would be effective. But, it was her expansive, enveloping, intuitive and immediate spiritual and emotional bond with me that has made all the difference.
Rochelle combines professional medical no-nonsense counsel with all the best of alternative advice.”
Lydia Sugarman—CEO, Private Label Interactive – San Francisco / New York

“Rochelle tested me with results that showed a kidney deficit. I enjoyed the quick, thoughtful process and particularly her manner in describing the procedure and reading my results. And what a difference two weeks make. Her methods deliver the best of preventive medicine. If we know what will bring us into balance,we can avoid disastrous events later.
I have been quick to adjust my diet and supplements with natural products. Not only will I prosper physically from her advice, I will have the emotional satisfaction of healing myself and the mental surety that I have avoided problems and chosen a path that will continue to serve me. As I dispense a dropper of liquid kelp into my morning smoothie and nourish myself with specific foods and recommended herbs, Ithank you, Rochelle.”
Charlotte Ward—Success Coach, Editor, Consultant or

“Rochelle has a true gift and insight for seeing what ails and knowing how to address it. When she performed a diagnostic of my internal organs, she immediately identified what part of my body needs cleansing and attention and lovingly tied it to how my attitude can help me heal myself. Her ability to zero in so quickly with such warmth and compassion is absolutely unique. I would highly recommend working with Rochelle…you will not only be given the gift of self awareness but you will get to know a fabulous woman at the same time!”
Nancy Ridge—Vice President, Telecombrokers

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