Re-Ignite Your Inner Light

Are You Ready to AWAKE?

When you step fully into your soul purpose you live your full potential!
But first,

you must discover the LOVE WITHIN YOU!



So many individuals have lost their feelings of power and fulfillment. I’ve discovered that we spend our efforts searching on the outside for solutions to an inside problem!

The self-help books, seminars and gurus promise the answer…

Yet, sustainable feelings of joy, fulfillment and peace don’t come from external sources, do they? As much as we want that to be the case, it’s not!

How do I know?

I’ve been there! I felt that something was missing and I was searching for it in all the wrong places! I discovered the answer! It’s the inner work of reigniting your inner light that makes all the difference. Imagine feeling:

Rochelle Forrest

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Have you checked in with your thoughts lately?

Are you feeling depressed or sad? Having a difficult time feeling self-love? Allow me to give you my flame and light your path. Doing this doesn’t diminish me in any way, it just helps you rediscover your light.
Remember, everything that happens makes us either stronger or weaker; it’s just a matter of our perspective! I’ve discovered how to shift to love, to bring in higher, stronger light energy and using my books, programs and/or personal coaching, YOU WILL TOO!

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