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Your Leadership Is Needed!

Your Leadership Is Needed!

Right now we need leadership and that means WE need you! Leadership is about having courage, helping others feel inspired, encouraging and looking at the best in people.

Whether you are a leader of a company, home, church, or amongst your friends, here are characteristics to consider developing more fully:

Authenticity – Leaders live in alignment with their values. They have a desire to help others succeed.

Initiative – An effective leader knows what needs to be done and they do it. They are self-starters and role models. When you see what is in front of you to be done, just do it! Leaders do not need to be asked.

Humility – Leaders believe in their visions and self without being full of themselves! Servant leadership is to look to serve and help.

Emotional control – Loss of control ruins the impact we have on followers. I had a mentor once talk with me about the difference between empathy and sympathy. It’s important to practice empathy without becoming emotional. Also, when we lose our tempers, we lose our focus.

Humor -When we can laugh at ourselves and situations it gives people the permission to laugh too! Humor and fun attracts people! When we step back and breathe… we can see the humor in many situations.

Positive attitude – People attract what they are…. Think happy thoughts, be grateful, and see the end you have in mind… Shine! You will attract happier and more productive team mates! Set your intention on Love and then your attention will see love! Love is always expanding!

You can be a more effective leader in many areas of your life! We need to start a positive leadership wave! Please catch the wave!

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