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Uncovering Patterns

Uncovering Patterns

“When painful things happen to us when we are little, we may make up stories that aren’t the truth or are exclusively negative versions of the truth.”

Story-making is a universal human trait. We all relate to stories, and we all make up our own stories to relate to the world around us. As children, when situations are painful or confusing, we often make up stories about ourselves and the world that aren’t entirely true as we struggle to make sense of what we’ve experienced. These stories, especially when stored in the subconscious, can stick with us for a lifetime!

Some of these old stories, however, no longer serve us. They’re no longer necessary, and they cause us to see the world in distorted ways. Yet they’re stuck in our minds until we uncover them and re-frame them into new stories that serve us better. It’s important to realize that all the present pain we feel about past events is tied to a story that hasn’t been adequately re-framed yet.

What beliefs or assumptions do you hold that are rooted in your formative years, when you were most impressionable? The first step in creating new, positive patterns is to go back in your memory to determine what the subconscious patterns are.

Today we go beyond the pain to find the story sponsoring it. You will be looking to discover what conclusions you drew about the world when you simply didn’t know any better. Usually it shows up as a pattern in your life, which makes it easier to spot. And you can often follow that pattern backward through your life to arrive at the event when you first drew an erroneous conclusion about the world and framed it in your mind as a story about “the truth”. Discovering these limiting beliefs and stories, and then re-framing them with all the truth you’ve learned since that time, brings about enormous freedom and healing!

Here’s a short version of what you can do: get yourself in a quiet, peaceful space and start following the feeling backwards through your memories until you have arrived at the earliest time you can remember feeling this way. You might need to sit quietly for a few minutes before the earlier memories will come up. Stay with it. Very often you will arrive at a childhood memory.

Be the child. What are you saying inside your head? What conclusions are you drawing as a child? In your childlike innocence, what are you believing about what’s happening around you? How are you internalizing the experience? What is true for you at that time? Write it down.

Now zoom out again, looking at your child-self from outside once more, perhaps from a bird’s eye view or from a different corner of the room. What else is happening that you couldn’t see before? What do you see now that you couldn’t see then? What is going on in the people around you? Do you see things differently now?

As you understand that your childhood version of this story was incomplete, begin re-writing the story in a more benign and truthful way. Include all the things that are apparent to you now that you just didn’t know then. Write this new perspective down. This is the beginning of breaking the pattern. If I can be of assistance to you, please contact me.

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