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What Is Attitude?

What Is Attitude?

What is attitude? If you ask 10 different people you will get 10 different answers. Counselors tell people to change their attitude and your life will improve. Doctors tell patients…. well it is up to you… what is your attitude? Sales managers say your attitude can control your sales???

Let’s look at ways to shift aspects of your life….beginning with your attitude!

You would think we would all be experts on attitude since it impacts so much of our lives! When you have a good clear understanding of what an attitude is and how attitudes are formed, it will become very apparent that only a small percentage of the population are in control their attitudes!

Most people’s attitudes are controlled by the media, other people, the conditions and circumstances in their life. And that is not good. Look at the impact of even TV commercials. Just take a pill and you won’t be depressed. The world is going down the tubes because of one or two people! Where is our power? Where is our discipline?

Let’s talk about one aspect of attitude, your thoughts. Your conscious mind has the ability to accept, reject, or ignore ANY idea that flows into your consciousness. If that idea isn’t internalized, it will have no effect on your physical body. Let’s take a look at what happens when that idea is internalized. Your subconscious mind accepts anything that is impressed upon it and that dictates the vibration of the body. The nature of that idea that is impressed upon the subconscious mind determines the vibration or the feeling that is expressed.

For example, I had an old thought that I had to work at being loved. I impressed upon my brain that I was not enough so I would have to work to exceed other’s expectations. So I attracted people that were unavailable. My attitude was wrong, it needed to change. I had to stop, breathe and look at the results in my life. I had to think different thoughts to create different feelings. Once I did, I attracted a man that is emotionally available and he’s now my husband!

You can do this, too. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and your attitude will change.

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