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Attitude Trumps Everything!

Attitude Trumps Everything!

I am filled with gratitude as I consider the importance of Attitude. In this article, I will share 3 tips that will keep you in your Happy State! Attitude: check, check, check!

Through every adventure and obstacle that life offers, you will find out attitude will win over skill every time! Attitude is vitally important in all that you do and the successes that you have! What is attitude and how does it contribute in your life?

Attitude is not a smile or a frown.

Attitude is the combination of your thoughts and feelings expressed through your actions and your BeingNess.

Attitude will set up your cause and your effect in your life.

Examine all areas of your life. You could have an amazing attitude at church, gym and work, yet in your personal relationships or maybe finances you have a poor attitude. The goal is to have an upbeat attitude in all areas.

WE know we become what we think about, so do these three things to shift your attitude:

1st become aware of your overall attitude; don’t forget to pay attention to all areas of your life!

2nd notice your thoughts. They are your choice! In all areas of your life, observe what you are consistently thinking?

3rd determine where you could do better. Make a note to yourself indicating where you need to make just a little shift in your attitude!

Each day begin by thinking to yourself, “What do I want my day to be? For my life to be amazing, what does that look like and how am I being?” Start each with gratitude for anything that you can think of and also think of what you can do today to bring joy to one person or our world.

Once you implement these changes, you’ll notice that your attitude will shift and soon you’ll be living the life of your dreams.

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